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Real and Authentic

BVB International Academy America is the official United States Partner of Borussia Dortmund. Borussia Dortmund is recognized as one of the very finest professional player development systems in the world. We fully embrace the holistic player development, philosophy of Borussia Dortmund and implement the training methodology and philosophy here in North America.

The Honor of Representing the Brand

While it is an honor to represent Borussia Dortmund here in America, it is also a responsibility. We consider it our mission to:

  • Instill confidence and respect within every player; and be unafraid to ask for it.
  • Build the next great generation of young men and women on and off the field through inspiration, grit and determination; and be unafraid to demand it.

We consider it essential that:

  • Every player understands what it is to be a person of character; and be unafraid to show it.
  • Every player recognizes the importance of intensity in all that we do; and be unafraid to live it.

Our traditions that set the stage for the culture within our club are centered around respect.

  • The “Last hand off the field,” – The applause to the parents at the end of every game
  • Respect of the referees- After every game, a sign of respect for the referee is required
  • Handshake- Before and after every practice, scrimmage or game- Shake the coach’s hand
  • Team Unity- The cheer or chant before the game- Uniting the players in heart and vision before every game